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Teenage USA  

Some House of Miracles clients - past, present and future:

The Weekend
Robin Black and the Intergalactic Rock Stars
The Two-Minute Miracles
By Divine Right
The Constantines
Brian Dunn
Two Hours Traffic
The Golden Seals
The Hidden Cameras
The Dixie Flyers
Drew Smith
Trevor Hurst (Econoline Crush)
Cuff the Duke
The Parkas
Jim Guthrie
The Frenetics
Nathan Lawr
Great Lake Swimmers
Royal City
Gentleman Reg
The Barmitzvah Brothers
The Old Soul
The Michael Parks
Raised By Swans
Richard Laviolette
The Burning Hell
The United Steelworkers Of Montreal
Bill Priddle (Treblecharger)
Wax Mannequin
The Tres Bien Ensemble
Pistol George Warren
Paper Beat Scissors
Nick Zubeck
Alanna Gurr and Greatest State
Odd Years
Wayne Omaha


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